磁驱环形线、磁悬浮输送线系统使用可编程的独立滑车以及直线或曲线轨道,最多可在机械系统基础上增速 30%。

ICT Magnetic Levitation Intelligent Conveyor System is built on the MagneMover LITE intelligent conveyor system and iTRAK solution.
 Poweredby high-performance linear motors, it drives the movement of multiple,magnetically-propelled carts by controlling the magnetic field of the coils
on the straight paths, and can be used as a perfect substitute for conventional
belt conveyor system. With the moving carts controlled independently, it allows manufacturing multiple product variations in the same production line to realize flexible manufacturing.

In addition, the system has a small size to save floor space, requires less
maintenance and delivers a higher speed.A conventional motion control system incorporates chains, belts and gears. With this mechanical design,time-consuming adjustments need to be made to mechanics in case of a production changeover, resulting in limited flexibility and low efficiency.

The intelligent motion control system eliminates the constraints by replacing the mechanics with simple, effective software profiles, allowing easier change between products at the push of a button. Equipped with the programmable independent movers on straight and curved paths, the system
improves the line speed by up to 30% compared with conventional mechanical system.

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